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Breaking: Vinny Magalhaes interrupted by Renato Laranja mid-interview.


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In talking for preperation of his upcoming fight his nemeis Renato Laranja interrupts him and causes a quarrel about 10:00 minuetes in.



How will this effect Vinny in his fight coming up this month? Will he be too distracted on focusing to beat up the Great Renato after this and leave his questionable chin in danger?



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Why the hell did so many get bant?


Well i received a 1 day temp ban for posting spiderman pictures in a thread about how awesome of a human being jon jones is(apparently they were being serious) but i have no idea about the others. :confused:



Lots of people banned in here except the OP who is a blatent troll of these forums :rolleyes:


Pipe down and get back to work youngin.'



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