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What is the MW top ten right now in your opinion?


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With Sonnen leaving the division and Vitor out either of it perma or temporarily, how do you view the top ten of the MW division right now?


With the previous concensus No2 Munoz losing to Weidman, is he the No2 guy right now?


Is Bisping? He hasnt beaten a ranked top 5 MW before, but with Vitor and Sonnen gone plus Munoz losing, does he go up the rankings?


Does Lombard make the top ten after his loss to Boetsch?


Speaking of Boetsch, where do wins over Okami and Lombard put him right now?


Then there are the guys difficult to place such as Franklin, Belcher, Shields and of course Okami



Here is my opinion:


1.) Anderson Silva

2.) Chris Weidman

3.) Tim Boetsch

4.) Michael Bisping

5.) Alan Belcher

6.) Mark Munoz

7.) Yushin Okami

8.) Brian Stann

9.) Jake Shields

10.) Hector Lombard


I think we need to see next Boetsch vs Belcher, even though I know Belcher wants Weidman and initially i was admittedly keen for it.


Weidman vs the winner of Bisping/Stann should decide the next contender for Anderson IMO, with the winner of Belcher/Boetsch hot on their heels.


Lombard should face Munoz (as rumoured) and Shields can face Okami for rankings sake, despite it having borefest written all over it.

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It may be viewed as controversial me placing Boetsch above Bisping, but at the end of the day he has beaten a top 5 guy unlike Michael, plus he beat Lombard with a broken foot!


Weidman no2? Name me someone else unbeaten who is coming off wins against top contenders such as Maia and Munoz....


Belcher actually has a good record against very good guys, such as Palhares/Cote/Herman. Not just that, but he is a FINISHER. Is has finished 16 out of 18 guys, leaving no doubts on his record, unlike many of the 'top ten' of the MW division who have many a 'close' decision on their records

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I feel like a light hearted joke is appropriate here....


#1: Anderson Silva

#2: Anderson Silva

#3: Anderson Silva

#4: Anderson Silva

#5: Anderson Silva

#6: The statue of Chael Sonnen that Anderson Silva was ordered to erect in his honor

#7: Anderson Silva

#8: A prime Hendo from 5 years ago

#9: Anderson Silva

#10: Anderson Silva


Honestly, the gap in talent right now is astonishing. Weidman is a hot prospect, and may in fact be the #2 185er in the world right now - except he still isn't even in double digits for number of fights. I mean seriously, Silva has more consecutive UFC Title defenses than this guy has times he's stepped into any fight. Who else is there? Bisping? Boetsch? Okami? That's a top 5? I feel like this is more a division of "who's left" as opposed to "who's the best." I thoroughly dislike when people use the term "cleaned out their division" but in the case of Silva, he has. Not only cleaned it out, but made everyone not named Sonnen look easy. And with Chael and Vitor jumping up to 205 (or at least for the time being returning there) it's looking like slim pickings for the graveyard that is the Middleweight division. I'm so stretch for contenders that bringing up Rockhold and trying to hype a "Champion vs. Champion" fight seems like Silva's only viable next fight - unless we get the GSP or Bones fight everyone has been clamoring for.

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1.) Anderson Silva

2.) Chris Weidman

3.) Michael Bisping

4.) Alan Belcher

5.) Rich Franklin

6.) Hector Lombard (thought he beat Boetsch)

7.) Tim Boetsch

8.) Brian Stann

9.) Mark Munoz

10.) Jake Shields


I feel like Okami's chin is steadily on the decline and he is edging towards the end of his career, i was not impressed by the way he beat Buddy Robberts at all. He got tagged a couple times and you could tell he almost got ko'ed again for the third time in a row.

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News out today (I made a thread for it) that Munoz could be out for a year :eek:


Top ten landscape definately gonna be changing by the time he is back...


I can see Francis Carmont breaking into the top ten next year, plus there are guys like 24 yr old Ronny Markes (13-1), 11-2 Philippou, Tom Watson (BAMMA MW Champ), plus the guys from the TUF Brazil show...

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1. Silva

2. Weidman

3. Boetsch

4. Belcher

5. Bisping

6. Munoz

7. Okami

8. Stann

9. Franklin

10. Shields


I would have Belfort at 4 and bump everyone else down a notch, but since he's fighting for the belt at 205 I left him out for now. I couldn't get myself to put Lombard in there after that poor showing against Boetsch. A guy who is 0-1 in the UFC is not top 10 material IMO. Belcher and Bisping are interchangable in the rankings as far as I'm concerned. Bisping vs. Belcher and Stann vs. Franklin would have been better matchups ranking-wise.

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In my rankings if two fighters have a close and/or controversial decision against each other I give the higher ranking to the fighter I thought won. For example, I had Bisping beating Sonnen 29-28 and I thought Jacare should have retained his title against Rockhold 48-47. Plus I no longer rank Sonnen because he's now a LHW and I won't rank Franklin until after he defeats Le.


1.) Anderson Silva

2.) Michael Bisping

3.) Chris Weidman

4.) Tim Boetsch

5.) Yushin Okami

6.) Alan Belcher

7.) Jacare Souza

8.) Luke Rockhold

9.) Mark Munoz

10.) Jake Shields

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