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Roy Nelson is in the top 10, but Overeem is not?


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Also: Josh Barnett? Who makes these freaking lists, dude?




I feel like they need to replace whatever ranking system that they use because Frank Mir got destroyed by Brock Lesnar, and Overeem facerolled through Brock. So how is Frank #5 on the list, but Overeem doesn't even have a spot?


Also how is Werdum so high on the list? A win over Fedor? If that is the case, then Dan Henderson should get a huge jump on the top 10 LWW list then -- because he beat Fedor too.

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Barnett can no way in hell be placed above Cormier.


Barnett was the biggest fight of Cormier's career


Dan is still wet behind the ears and Barnett has been fighting top guys for a long time


In my opinion that puts Barnett above him even with the loss to Dan


Just how I see it though

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Their rankings are slightly better than Sherdog, but damn they make stupid mistakes.


They have Rashad Evans #2 for LHW


Evans is averaging about 1 win a year since 2008.


In fact, I think they had Rashad around #5 while Machida had the belt, as he lost it, lost to Rampage, Shogun lost it to Jones, Evans was basically idle, and over a huge layoff, rose to #2.


GSP is on a similar layoff....meh, off the rankings. Dont pay attention to these things

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