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Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54 due to a heart attack.


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First off, my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.


I had the privilege of working with him a couple of years ago on a movie - and can honestly say there are few people on this planet who can so captivate a room like he could. His smile was warm, his personality infectious, and his laugh unforgettable. He had an unmistakable charisma about him, and he knew it. You could tell immediately he enjoyed having people around him, he was simultaneously a consummate professional as well as the life of a party.


There was one night, we were working particularly late - and he was struggling with a line; "Ah, a fine single malt scotch whiskey. Now there's a drink that how you drink it is just as important as the brand you're drinking." He didn't have any time to go over the line, and as a result must have done 40 takes of it at least. Each one crumbling apart half way through and he simply couldn't get the words in the right order. He was frustrated, everyone was tired, but each time he would make a mistake - for whatever reason, it just became funnier and funnier. He'd almost get to the end, and suddenly, he'd accidentally start the line over again - shake his head realizing what had happened, and let out that bellow of a laugh. He'd take a glance around the set to see an entire crew sitting right there smiling along with him. He just had x-factor that's impossible to describe.


The world today lost a very talented actor, but even worse, it's lost a warm and genuine soul. Rest in peace Big Mike, you will be missed.

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R.I.P. Just read this, sad, sad day :(


R.I.P BIG MIKE! He stared in two of my favorite movies. The Green Mile and Armageddon. And he was the new voice for The UFC on FOX. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/03/michael-clarke-duncan-dead-green-mile-dies_n_1852744.html


Sorry...didn't see this was posted already. Mods please delete.


isn't the voice the guy that sits on the panel? If so, that's something I never knew

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I didn't believe it at first thought it was just another one of those stupid made up deaths people like to do, can't believe he really is dead and still pretty young for today's age.


Makes you think about the older people in your life though like your parents, my mum is 56 and dad is 58 I would be devastated if they passed away so my thoughts are with his kids and wife.

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