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Whats on your workout playlist?


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I need some ideas for some new music



Heres my top 20 for cardio & weights (in no particular order)


monster - skillet

bleeding me - metallica

harvester of sorrow - metallica

iron man - sir mix alot feat metal church

no church in the wild/ ****** in paris - kanye & jay z

(pretty much anything from lady gaga)

we will rock you - warrant

seasons in the abyss - slayer

(anything from pantera)

i won you - shinedown

awake & i stand alone - godsmack

bang - gorky park

snap your fingers snap your neck - prong

crush em - megadeth

(anything by disturbed)

electric crown - testament

eye of the tiger - ice cube & DMX remix

frontline - pillar

**** dyin - ice cube & korn

here to stay & freak on a leash - korn

9anything by marylin manson)

renegades of funk - RATM

remedy - seether

(anything by rob zombie)

rocky IV soundtrack

black & praise - sevendust

(anything by eminem)

unfinished - stone sour

diamond eyes - shinedown

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