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Comic Book Discussion Thread


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I like


The Runaways


Friday The 13th

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Walking Dead


Don't own any Walking Dead


BUT I've downloaded every one of them to read and have followed the story since before the show. Great series


And finally they are getting to the good **** on the show this next season

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Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell - ok just about anything Alan Moore has done. I just finished Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four series and liked it so much I'm about to begin the Future Foundation (yes, I know, I'm a few years behind). When I was younger, I was peripherally interested in X-Men, however I almost exclusively bought and followed Cable. When I was in my teenage years I really didn't follow any comics regularly, however I did take the time to go back and read Neil Gaiman's The Sandman - which always intimidated me as a younger child - but now I think Dream is one of the best characters in comic book history. My dad had some old Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos books from back in the day - I guess I've always had some carry over interest in Nick Fury because of them. Oh, and Jesse Custer is just plain awesome - I would definitely recommend reading Preacher. And, even though I have never followed him very closely, my friend is a die hard Dr. Strange fanatic, and swears up and down he is worth getting into. So, that's next on my to-read list after I finish Future Foundation.


Never did get into the more popular comics; Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Flash, The Avengers, etc. Not that I had anything against them, I just never was very motivated to read them. I have enjoyed their movies (Iron Man & Avengers especially), but I generally prefer comics that begin and end with a series or two and don't run for decades.

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