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Calling out two Anti-Condit Posters for a Youtube Singing bet. Condit vs. GSP


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Taking on all Condit haters. Post in thread if you have more balls than Diaz or GSP to accept.


Dont be scared homies. Condit finishes grease, leaving him in a puddle of PED's and Vaseline.










You know who you are.








GSP UDs Condit, I lose.


Condit must Finish GSP for me to win.


Step up or back down, the choice is yours.

Come at me bros.





Accepted the bet:




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I'm LayDownDead' date=' and I'm here to **** **** up. Patster and Carnage are the only bad asses in this thread. GSP-Condit is like watching **** with no penetration. There obviously won't be a finish.[/quote']


obvious troll poster secondary account is obvious.



Condit is gonna destroy Grease

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