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{VIDEO} Dana White: Silva wanted to drop to 170 and take GSP's belt.


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Carlos is going to spoil de pardee.


I have a feeling he will. GSP is definitely the greasier and better of the 2 fighters but GSP could very well slip on his own grease on lap 4 as he chases Carlos around the octogon, causing Carlos to get the tko. Andy/GSP just seems too good to be true. Even if GSP gets by Carlos, there will probably be some injury/duck or some bs that will cause the fight to not happen.

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I'm sure Silva mentioned this in the past as well' date=' he has always seemed adament he could make 170, I just don't see why he is so sure.[/quote']


Weren't his first fights at 160 or some crazy ****? He was like 25 too, and fully grown so it's not impossible. I took steroids, and bulked up to 205 one deployment. I still was able to drop back down to 155 (what I had weighed when I was 18).

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