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Would you rather get a free bag of dank and smoke it all with GSP (dinner and movie with holding hands included) OR pay for way overpriced shwag to offer to Diaz (with the risk of getting slapped in the face for presenting him dirt weed)?


Dirt weed with Diaz


I can't be seen in public with GSP, everybody would tag me as gay

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If GSP fought Jon Jones who would u want to win if a double Ko' date='Double sub,NC,DQ could not happen and there had to be a clear cut winner with no drug test fails at the end and no fighter died or injured in an career stopping way?[/quote']


Jon Jones


**** GSP and his love for men.


All over his face

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Go to school' date=' work, fish, hang out with my wife and daughter, get tattooed, smoke more weed,[b'] and drink Wild Turkey[/b]


G status. As a bartender, too few men drink whiskey. Everytime someone orders a drink that requires juice and grenadine I want to slap the drink and **** out of their mouth.

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WarWest what is your bud of preference?


Just some good ol funky skunk bud


No special names or strains


Just some funky *** weed grown by hillbillys


I've had all the crazy "deathstar" and "bubblegum" and it's awesome. But a good bag of homegrown funk just hits the spot for me

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