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Ingrown hairs


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had one this one time. I ended up breaking the surface by scratching at the pus-filed bump then I squeezed the **** out of it and got all the pus out of it. I then saw a hair that was about 4 times as long as any hair around that same area... unusual. I have a small scar from that lol.

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I used to be a bike messenger, I grew a pretty sexy long thick beard one winter, well spring came and I shaved it off clean, I had what appeared to be a huge blackhead on my chin, when I squeezed it it snaked out this waxy long worm, I assumed it was 4 months of soap, oil and dirt, then out came this coiled up hair that was a good 4 inches long, I left it hanging until a friend pulled it out a few days later.

I also have a scar where it was.

I miss it.

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