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who are the ultimate number 2 guys?


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who are the guys who kick major ***' date=' and are among the most amazing athletes in the world, but can't seem to get a belt and are the consensus number 2's in the world?


i'd go with...


chael sonnen

jon fitch

chad mendes[/quote']


Sonnen maybe............


Fitch has never kicked anybodies ***. Tough question.

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Ya' date=' Florian has always been stuck at the number 1 contender spot


A full list, I would say is






yeah those 3 for sure!


Sonnen already had 2nd best thing going in WEC and his wressling carreer I think. I hope he can get LHW gold in the near future.


Florian and Fitch were just really unlucky that they were in the same era as Penn and GSP. They are probs some of the most talented guys to never win a title.

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Carwin is a real *** kicker' date=' he did win the fake belt while Brock was out... but he was never undisputed champion. No way he gets the belt while JDS is at the top.[/quote']


I wouldn't be against a rematch, as bad as that sounds. I feel like Carwin is never out of a fight because of his power and toughness.


I actually would have liked if they sent him over to face Cormier instead of Mir, that match up is far more intriguing.

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