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Secret training video for Jon Jones' knee kicking technique revealed!!!


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I knew about this MANY years before the UFC.It was because i always thought of ways i could utilize my powerful legs versus bigger guys.

The problem and i asked this before because Royce Gracie started this was is it legal?


I find it quite stupid you can't manipulate a finger but you could a knee which that move could EASILY bust a guys leg.Even worse is if you get in close and stomp on the side of that knee,it is guaranteed to be broken.

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Silva isn't that bad when it comes to this kick. Jones on the other hand, it seems he wants to end peoples career's. He throws it so much, he's like a kid spamming 1 move on a game.



Youtubers gonna Youtube^^...


That kick must suck when it hits your knee like when it's thrown right, but it's not like it should be illegal or anything.


I would be much more worried about the damage my brain is receiving every time I get hit with a big shot to the head.

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