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Mac Danzig vs Takanori Gomi for Macau card Nov 10th


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The guy's like 3 - 7 ......


Of course it's do or die for him.


LMao. Right, lets count all of his UFC fights including the ones from 5 years ago. Its not like fighters can get better. :rolleyes:


Danzig is on a roll. Gomi is a bum. Danzig very well could've been 5-0 in his past 5 fights. When will you guys understand that fighters from Japan are some of the most overrated, no cardio, infamous can crushers in the business?? Time for all of you guys to be disappointed again.

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I don't really think it's make or break for either of these fighters mainly because neither of them have anything to make Gomi was once one of the best LWs around but he has faded over the years because he never really became a complete martial artist and well Danzig has always been a decent fighter but nothing special

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