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Do you have a workout partner / trainer?


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I train with a few guys that I live with' date=' it seems to make all of us push a little harder.[/quote']


I wrestle with the guys from my old High School wrestling team, do kick boxing and jiujitsu at my MMA gym, and lift weights with the guys I used to play football with. And I do my cardio and weight cutting by myself. It seems to work out alright for me!

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Naw I lift alone. I find lifting with others a distraction' date=' becomes too much of a social event. Also, it takes too long when you're going set for set.[/quote']


I dont lift alot of heavy weight, just light stuff 1,000,000 times for the cut, big muscles need oxygen and Ive found that I gas out way easier when Im bulked.



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I pump pretty hard. My warm up set for squats is around 600 pounds. And I only weigh 107.


So I guess your work set is around 1000lb? You're getting there bro.


I bicep curl 500lb for 12 sets of 1000 reps. I say 1000, although sometimes its only nearly 1000 as the burn is so deep. It's a deep burn.



Not sure you heard, I do nearly 1000.

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