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Maybe posted idk ,but Dana comes close to admitting guilt.


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He comes close,but in the end he won't admit he is partly to blame but in reality knows that Hendo is really the MAIN reason for 151 failing.


I do buy into that scapegoating because with that extra time,i believe Dana finds a legit fight that Jones accepts ,then EVERYONE is happy.

It was still a NEAR sighted Dana as PRESIDENT that did not cover his own *** with a little effort,but Hendo is imo the culprit,he takes 75% of the blame.


I will be honest,i have never liked Hendo,this just added to my hate for the lamer.The fact that he lays low in all of this is even worse.I actually think,if i remember correctly that he took a shot at Jones even.


Hendo is imo a CLASSLESS act,you might not like Bisping but Hendo threw ,extra unneeded shots to a downed out cold opponent in a SPORT.Now he lays low while Jones takes the heat like a COWARD,Hendo will go down in my books as big an idiot as Chael Sonnen and Tito.

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UFC 151 failing is 100 % Dana's fault. He should have booked other fights on the card tht were worth watching. Jones vs Hendo was the only watchable fight imo...the card would have survived if Bisping/Stann was co main event and Browne/Silva was the 3rd fight or something. If Guida/Maynrad can be a headliner than Bisping/Stann could have headlined the PPV with Silva/Browne being the co main event.

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