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If Lyoto knocks out Anderson Silva everytime they spar???


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That is a link to a video of them sparring. I don't know how much time you've ever spent training in combat sports, but when you spar, very rarely do you actually "go all out." You're working with someone you trust to in fact provide just enough of a challenge without actually endangering you. The purpose is to try out new things, keep muscle reflexes sharp, and explore other people's reactions to your tools. So it's unreasonable to suggest that either one would deliver any type of serious beat down on the other.


And even if that were true, are you suggesting that because Lyoto defeated Silva while sparring, that would make Silva fearful of Jones due to Jon gaining a win over Machida in their fight? If so, that is not only utilizing MMA-math logical fallacy, it's also laughable to suggest that sparring with a partner and fighting in a real fight is anything remotely comparable and that they would carry over into the minds of the fighters when thinking about their potential opponents.

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