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TUF Smashes Aussie TV?


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WTF are One HD doing??


I'm curious to know the numbers of viewers they were getting when they actually telecast TUF or any UFC event.. It was weekend primetime, being between 10am-2pm saturdays and sundays.. but now it's dissapeared. Now you can get ****** WWE on for like three hours... and no MMA is found...


Where can we actually watch TUF Smashes?? I remember Dana saying how importand of a market the Australian fans are... yet they continue to insult us. The percentage of Aussies who actually have foxtel compared to those with free to air is TINY.


You are forcing our hand, UFC. Piracy may be illegal but it seems to be the only way to view your TV programming without paying for overpriced foxtel. We have a HD sports channel, who the hell is negotiating the TV deals that can't get a meeting there and come to an agreement? Either the UFC are too damn greedy and forcing their hand, or there isn't the viewing power to justify the booking. I highly doubt its the latter.


Lift your game - or expect those of us who find that downloading is still the easiest way to watch sports that we love to continue to do so, regardless of your empty threats.



P.S. I did look around a bit, if one are actually telecasting TUF Smashes - Please disregards this thread :D

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Mate i bloody agree, barely anyone here has foxtel compared to the amount of people who have cable tv in the states, they need to get TUF on oneHD. I just read that it will be available on ufc.com and YouTube however it will be blocked off to Australia because of the FX deal however the rest of the world can view it..if this is true this is 100% ********.


If the ufc wants to expand their market here in Australia make it free on ONEHD because as you said freetv is the way to go here. Screw foxtel

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