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Why No Won Bet Me ?


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Im pretty pumped for this fight, if i make it home in time ill be seeing it in person. I was already at 129. Wonder if this will top that ?


Heres my picks


Jon Jones Vs. Vitor Belfort, I see this being a touchy feely fight then BANG Jones lands a kick drops Vitor finishes with punches get a TKO. JONES TKO


Johnson VS Benavidas ?, Out of these two dwarfs ill go with Johnson getting th unexpected UD or KO.


Bisping Vs Stann , This is the real co main event in my eyes, i became a fan of Bisping after his fight with Chael. But i wont bet against Stann. Bisping comes in with his little jab then left hook drops him and Stann get the KO.


The Janitor Vs The Hammer , Id like to see the old man win , but i see The Hammer getting a dominant UD or KO or Sub lol. But ill let YOU pick the winner of this one and i'll bet against it.


Charles VS Cub i think this will be the FOTN both getting dropped then out of no where Charley gets a SUB win.


also i got Hettes , Dunham , Brenmann , Vinny winning


any bets pm me or comment

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