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Yangtze River has Mysteriously turned Red.


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Almost as if taken out of the book of Revelation, the 3rd largest river in the world has just suddenly turned completely red and nobody has the slightest clue how or why yet. Take a look.



















Is this yet another cover up by the government? Or is this due in partly at all to the recent earthquakes in china that killed 67? Is this the end times as we know it? Is this strange substance dangerous or drinkable in anyway? Has an alien come down from earth to piss in our water and destroy our very own ecosystem as we know it?




And also inb4kevbo.

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Yeah cubans and mexicans are the same thing too:p


Don't forget Puerto Ricans


I always laugh when one of our office managers calls me to sort out something with one our clients because I speak enough conversational Spanish to get by...


I'll pull up their information and it will be a name like Xue Chen

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>>>>>The red color stopped some residents in their tracks. They put water from the river in bottles to save it. Fishermen and other workers who rely on the river for income kept going about their business, according to the UK?s Daily Mail.


so i guess thousands of people are going to get nasty food poisoning or even worse and the country wont even care right? after all their country has has billions of people. who cares if just a few thousand kick the bucket? ahh who gives a **** if the water is polluted! lets just pretend nothing is wrong, go about our everyday business, and sell these fish!! especially if nobody even knows just what the hell is in that water!!

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