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How to fix MMA


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Why was Rampage smirking when he said "when I fought Matt Hammil I wasn't injured"?


Maybe it's beacue even he knows that's BS and has nothing to do with why he's losing.


Rampage calls fighters that just take him down cowards, but when they're up he can't knock him out anyway, so what's the point?

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1)Card system should be implemented...


No verbal warning on non-accidents(groin strikes are verbal warned). You can train to not make a mistake like fence grabbing, stalling; pants holding; back head strikes. Infact most gyms take advantage of the fact that you can get away with it at least once.


Fighter stalls... Yellow card 10% of your total purse goes to your opponent irregardless of win/loss.


Fighter stalls again... Orange card 25% zing


Fighter stalls again... Red card 50% ouch


Fighter stalls again... Chartreuse card 75%, or just deduct a point.


Shields and Fitch become underfed & impoverished and drop to flyweight.


2) New mma gloves, kevlar or spider silk thin underside for improved grappling. Thicker knuckle protection, increasing the weight of the gloves by 2oz for extra protection is fine too. Too many damn hand brakes, this will reduce injuries... which is definitely needed now especially.


3) Main and co-main contracts that induce a monetary penalty if you fail to show up for a fight, due to injury or failed drug test or any reason. The reason why fighters over-train for top competition is due to the highly increased purse and monetary gain. These contracts reverse the systemic problem of high profile training. Everyone wants to look good during a big show, fearing "poor performance," but nobody is penalizing them for "absent performing."



(No down kness/soccer kicks, main stream will never accept them. I agree, it's excessive battery)

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The whole thing I took out of this video and from some of the other comments are that most fans are disrespectul ****** bags. I see first hand several times a week what up and coming fighters go through. The up and downs. The fighters that are one fight away from the UFC and get their careers set back indefinitely because of a doctor stoppage due to a stray elbow that cut their eyebrow open. I'm sure there are some fighters and respectful people on these forums but for the ones who are couch ninjas, go down to your local MMA, boxing, or any combat sport gym and watch people put in work. If Rampage wants to complain about a fight or Dana, so what? It's is livelihood. **** what most of you guys are talking about. I have love and respect for all fighters.....ok I'm done :mad:.....:D..:cool:

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Get rid of the judges. They're pointless. Fights should be win by finishing, or it's a draw.

Matches aren't set up based soley on your win loss record. Styles, previous performance, popularity are also taken into account. So it would make little difference, except that fighters would be trying to finish. unless they're the belt holder perhaps, since they would retain in a draw situation.

And quit announcing a fight is for a shot at the title. Seems to me that fighters become cautious, trying to point out a win. (Which would be useless without judges) Instead say, "Here's a couple fights we're watching, first guy to finish a fight gets a shot at the title."

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Im no expert, and I currently enjoy the current version of fighting we get under rules UFC abides by. That being said, I see the argument that it is sliding closer to glorified sparing and fighters imposing non risky gameplans to attempt to out point the other.


One thing that is really good right now is a win doesnt necessarily equal a win. So I dont fully agree with Rampage that guys are scared to get the L more than wanting to get the W.


What I mean by this is unlike other leagued sports like NHL NFS NBA MLB, a win is black and white. While matchups in UFC are put together in a subjective manor, and this is based on the incentive on money, and how do you get money...fans, so its a system built to keep fans happy. This i think, is a saving grace for the mma we currently see.


But I hate the idea that you penalize fighters mid fight with cards. Its best to restructure the rules/judging before hand to guide the fighters to fight in a more exciting fashion, rather than taking what we have and just manipulating it mid stream and it gets really awkward.


Now I love the idea that a fight is worth X amount. Rather than popularity and previous success.




Prelims(Facebook) = 15,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus(3,750). Finish bonus 25%

Prelims(Fox) = 25,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus (6,250). Finish bonus 25%

Main Card = 50,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus (12,500). Finish bonus 25%

Co main = 65,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus (16,250). Finish bonus 25%

Main Even(non title fight) = 75,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus (18,750). Finish bonus 25%

Title Fight = 100,000 a fight, with 25% win bonus (25,000). Finish bonus 25% (-10% if co-main)


This means for 152 the money paid will be, $920,000 for fights, 1,162,500 after win bonuses, and a possible finish bonus for every fight = 1,392,500. This would also give more incentive for international fighters to come here, knowing what kind of pay day they can get.



That and a rule change of allowing knees(not kicks to the head) to a downed opponent. This would even the playing field for strikers in a fair way. Right now its currently grappler-incentive rules. I say no soccer kicks to head because if you watch pride, they were mostly used as a finishing move to an already hurt opponent, so they are actually pretty harmful, while knees would be very important to fight tactics.


And real judges


thats my take on fixing the sport.


even money to remove fear from fighters, more security, and incentive to come here, and incentive to fight hard.


remove a glaring hole in the rules with knees to an downed opponents head


better judges. And tweak from there, but i think this would be my start.

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