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JBJ , Anderson Silva, GSP, best to worst


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how would you put them in order?



Check it' date=' heres what i have:


1. JBJ

2. Anderson Silva

3. GSP[/quote']


If we are talking about who would beat who in a fight then your list is correct. Neither are touching JBJ. The majority of the time I think Andy would beat GSP, but he does have issues with wrestlers and GSP could **** out a decision if he's feeling extra greasy that day.

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It would be pretty epic if Andersons last to fights were with jones and gsp. Anderson should go and fight GSP and if he wins go up and fight bones jones. If he beats both guys he is bar none the best P4P fighter to ever live even surpassing ali IMHO.


Silva has already surpassed Ali.

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1. jones

2. gsp

3. silva


i know you all think i'm crazy, but i think silva just happened to be the right guy at the right place at the right time. he went on his best streak during the ufc boom and all his losses were very small exposure. the division he was in was not the same as gsp and jones. anyways all 3 are amazing and i could easily be wrong there, but these 3 are so close that i have to think of some reasoning, and it's also because silva is a little older than the rest

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