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Anderson Silva says he wants to fight for six more years!


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Wow, quite a stark difference to his statements around 2010 when he wasn't even sure if he wanted to finish out his 6 fight deal with UFC. He's already 37, another six years would put him into his forties. I think he may find maintaining that movement he's become legendary for will prove a difficult task - and regardless of what he or anyone in his camp says, we all know he is looking to retire from the UFC undefeated...a task that may prove to be nigh impossible if he sticks around. Especially since he's also recently said he is only looking for Superfights from here on out.


I really only see two superfights in front of him right now; GSP if he gets through Condit, and Bones Jones. And truth be told, I think both present very real dangers to him. So, I'm not sure where his head is at - retiring undefeated? Winning superfights? Sticking around another 6 years? You could do some of those, maybe even 2 out of 3, but I don't see how achieving all 3 goals is possible for him.

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