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John Jones


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Jon Jones is a troll


In all fairness though


For MMA to be taken seriously as a "sport"


The same level of scruntiny that other athletes go though on a daily basis (NBA,NFL, etc)

MMA fighters are not exempt from that


Jones deserves all the criticism that he brought onto himself


So really anyone who says Jones should be not be judged as a person but as a fighter only don't want MMA to be a "legit sport" which is not good for MMA

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You guys talk all this crap and you don't realize all he's done. Jones is the man and all you haters can sit' date='cry, and watch dominance. Haha and just say how his next opponent will beat him, just like the last four. JJ = GOAT *****ES :D[/quote']


Troll thread I repeat Troll thread. Didn't even read troll. MMA fans don't read nonsense bent on making a coward who turns down lighter fighters a hero. It just can't be done with a drunk driver.

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