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Did Sonnen know Henderson was out 2 weeks before the announcement?


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Been a while since I've posted here, but this has been on my mind for a while.


Here's a summary of the timeline:

August 14th, Sonnen announces move to LHW

August 15th, Sonnen starts a twitter beef with Jones, schedules fight with Griffin

August 23rd, Henderson is out of the fight with a knee injury, Jones declines to fight Sonnen.


The thing about getting injured during training is that you don't get injured in the morning and then pull out of the fight after you get some lunch. When fighters get injured, it takes time to assess how serious the injury is, i.e. going to the doctor for x-rays or cat scans or whatever, so there was most likely a period of time of at least a week from the injury to the announcement that would have given someone time to tell Sonnen what's going on. So I asked myself if Henderson, or a mutual friend of Henderson and Sonnen, told Chael that Dan was pulling out. I thought it was possible, but clearly not definite.


Sonnen and Henderson have a history with one-another. I don't know if they're friends, but at the least, they were, and possibly still are, acquaintances. There's no doubt in my mind that they have mutual friends since they were training at the same gym for a long time.


When Sonnen moved up to 205, he wasted no time in calling out Jones. As a MW, he learned that talking gets you fights, so he did what he does best. I thought it was just Chael being Chael, until Henderson announced he was pulling out.


So, being intrigued by the whole situation, I went back and looked at when Sonnen started the twitter beef with Jones. The afternoon of August 14th, Sonnen announced he was done at MW. The morning of August 15th, Sonnen starts the beginning stages of hyping a fight with Jones.


This thread really has no point. I was bored with some time on my hands and I thought it was interesting that Sonnen's move to 205 could have been provoked by a Dan Henderson knee injury. I mean, it almost worked. The UFC backed Sonnen's bid for a title shot. The only person that stopped it was a guy that now has a delicious pizza named after him.


EDIT: Interview with Dana White confirming Dan Henderson knew 2 weeks prior to the announcement that he was going to pull out http://www.ufc.com/news/ufc-ultimate-insider-dana-white-special-highlights-090412



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Bones still should've taken fight

He dominates ex lhw champions, is much bigger than everyone

Has pretty legit striking, range & his considered p4p best now

Against a 185er moving up to fight the champ

If I ever get to the ufc, I will fight anyone because I am competitive meaning that I would want to see who is the better fighter and how the fight would unfold

Fighting like chess.

Bones ain't stupid. Just a coward

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