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MMA fighter sentenced to 50 years....


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for ripping friends heart out on shrooms and cooking it



I guess shrooms are worse than people make them out to be...



I did them a few times. Never did anything crazy. Some people flip out though i guess. I think if you're already crazy anyway it could being it out more. So could drinking etc.


Only thing shrooms did for me was give me some cool visuals and made me more :) faced than Jason Miller when he fights.

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I hate to bash on something Ive never tried but alot more people consume alcohol than shrooms and I rarely hear about someone drunk taking out someones organs ect.


Well, the gruesome factor of the crime says something yes, but I'd bet everything I own to say that alcohol is more a problem when it comes to violence of any sort. My personal take is that the person was POS to begin with and something like this would have happened with or without mushrooms.


I've done shrooms, I don't like them at all. I've never, EVER wanted to harm anybody while on them though, and neither did anybody else IME either. Trust me, the person that took them and did this is out of his gourd, period.

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I've done shrooms numerous times. Do you know what happened when I did them? I sat around with friends laughing and talking about life and the universe.


This guy must have had some sort of severe mental issues. No normal person does shrooms and murders/cannibalizes somebody.


My guess is he was already a violent, unstable person to begin with, and the shrooms made him go off.

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