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What is the general consensus on Chael Sonnen and Test. levels?


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how the hell was Barnett popped for roids 3x





Barnett is no bodybuilder, but he is a behemoth with huge muscles, particularly his legs. His success depends on his size moreso than a guy like Chael, and he is not nearly as awesome. Even so, he's still not as bad as Overeem or he'd look like a 340lb World's Strongest Man competitor. Eyes don't lie.

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It's usually somewhere around 27:1


He must have missed an estrogen shot or something.


I don't know what that is but I'd assume it's a shot that lowers a man's testosterone when it's naturally dangerously high. I'm not even sure why they allow him to compete in the Men's division, it's like JDS fighting in the Women's division.

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I hear a lot of people say that they don't think Chael was cheating because he was prescribed TRT' date=' but were those levels high for someone who was prescribed TRT or is 14:1 normal when taking TRT?[/quote']


The purpose of TRT is to restore your levels to the norm. Chael did that, and then some..


Yes, he was cheating.

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