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Dana White said Vitor was the only Brazillian man enough to take on Jon Jones


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Somewhat par for the course. Dana White likes to get out there and instigate situations, and certainly he is no stranger to in essence challenging the manhood of fighters in his company if they don't volunteer to fight. It's something I think Dana struggles to understand - in his eyes he's offering these high profile matches, and he doesn't seem to appreciate that fighters don't want to take fights they aren't confident in. Many people point to this very problem as one of the things that is "killing" boxing (a ludicrously hyperbolic statement, but perception is perception). I think he will continue to basically call out his own fighters and throw them under the metaphorical bus as more and more fighters will seek to protect their legacy and not take the fights that are offered.


When Dana took over the UFC, he was surrounded by guys who were so desperate to fight they would have taken on an insane challenge for 15 or 20k. Now we have fighters who are earning high six figures per fight, plus maybe another 20-30% of their purse on top in endorsements. The desperation for a lot of these guys to take any fight that comes their way is gone. There is coming an era of business savvy fighters who aren't going to take every chance put in front of them - and this probably not only scares Dana, but I'm sure it also angers him and also may be confusing to see how quickly the industry has changed in less than a decade.

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Stopped reading there.


Thank you for pointing out my typographical error. I was obviously going for the expression "par FOR the course" not "par OF the course." Sometimes my mind goes faster than my fingers and I make silly mistakes like that.


I certainly can't make you read my post, but I would be interested in hearing your perspective on it.

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