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Injuries make no sense


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Eric Kock- Last fought in September 2011, how is he getting injured.


Dan Henderson- November 2011, had a brutal slugfest with Shogun, was able to fight in April, but admitted he turned down a fight with Lil Nog in Sweden, and said he wasn't interested in Machida.


Jose Aldo- Last fough in January, knocked Mendes out with a knee, looked like he didnt even try, and somehow cant fight next month.


Thiago Silva gets injured all the time, he barely ever fights, he was out for 1 whole year after juicing, gets a fight and somehow pulls his next fight(Shogun) cause of an injury.


The Nog Brothers...seriously?


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My point is' date=' injuries were never a huge issue to the point that it would effect the card. If there were back up plans thats fine, but the back up plans lately have been very limited.[/quote']


there have always been injuries, but up until recently, fighters just gutted it out and fought anyway. no fighter is 100% when they step in the cage, training camps are tough

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oh ok


when guys were gutting it out, there were no replacements available, there weren't many fighters, and there were barely any big names. Now its easier to just get moved to a different card. the amount of testing that fighters goo through to get medical clearance has inreased hugely too, if a fighter was injured, someone would find out. when the ufc began, you just turned up and fought. and if you're a champion, obviously you want to keep your belt, so fighting through an injury might end up losing you the belt


i think you're trolling, but there it is

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