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Recent Fedor Interview


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Mostly regarding religion, but the last 3 questions are interesting.




You've only had three losses in your whole career, all of them in a row. Does faith help in those situations?


I can't say "Faith helps when you lose". Are there really situations where faith isn't supposed to help? No. I can't divide my actions as "With God" or "Without God". If I am faithful, faith is always with me.


But nevertheless. When a believer has bad luck, he can tell himself: "God's will is for everything, that means that this is necessary'. A nonbeliever looks on and says: "This is all silly self-justification. Nothing is just sent to us, you just did this or that wrong"...


Yes, this is familiar to me. I was in that situation many times. But I'm sure that you need to thank god for losses as well as victories. For tough situations, for losses. St. John Zlatoust spent the last years of his lif in pain and yet his last words were "Think God for everything". I was shocked by the film about the prisoners of Solovetski camp- saintly people experienced such pain there that it's hard to imagine, but still praised God. It?s not some loss in a match, this is half your life, long years, cold, hunger, and often painful death. After that they still thanked God. We need to do that too! We aren?t any different. It's just easier for us. Our "experience" is nothing compared to theirs. I know that I feel sadness that God sometimes acts in our life when things aren't good too, rather, when we think everything is bad. But really... All these fights, matches, wins, losses- it's all nothing compared to God right next to you.


Nothing?! But viewers think that f ighting is our life.


That's not so. If fighting was my life, I would not have finished my career. I'm getting offers, one better than the next. But that's all vanity. There is only life in Christ. There is family- Church, which is much better than sport. No fights can compare to that.





The last question pretty much tells us Fedor's mindset on fighting again. I think he truly is done. Even if he truly has recieved great offers to come back it sounds to me like his faith and politics have beome the main interest in his life. I wonder if Dana has come accross this interview yet.

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