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Maldonado wants Glover fight


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Stylistically this fight would be fireworks' date=' Maldonado's not the biggest name but with a solid main event along with this fight, I'd be satisfied!


Make the fight![/quote']


I believe Sonnen will step up. Just so he can run his mouth to JBJ after about how he took a fight on short notice, and that's he's a company man, blah blah blah. Also, this gives Sonnen an opportunity to take out a guy with a lot of hype and prove he belongs in the upper echelon of LHW. It gives Texeira an opportunity to take out a big name and possibly put him one or two fights away from contention.

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As much as I like this match up, I think Fabio should stay fighting Cyrille Diabate, he has a way better chance of winning. I'm not saying he can't beat Glover, I just think his style matches up a whole lot better with Cyrille. Diabate will no doubt stand and trade with Fabio, and Fabio has a huge advantage via body punches. Diabate is very tall and lanky and Fabio would talk serious advantage of that. Kind of like the way Rick Story beat Dustin Hazelett, and Chad Mendes beating Cody Mckenzie.

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