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**** the BS, MAKE Fighters Fight More

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3-4 month training camps?!?!? Are you joking me?


It does not take 3-4 months of 2-6 times a day training to get ready for a 15/25 min fight. What do you think will happen if you push yourself to the edge every day for 120 days straight? You're gonna get injured. Period. End of Story. Whether your injuries will be bad enough to pull out of a fight is a different story, but lets not regress.



You want to build up a fighter and have him fight 1-2 times a year (Jon Jones excluded, ironically) just to have him get injured and ruin a whole card? Pathetic. The UFC has become a bunch of pansy *** mother ****ers who try to PROTECT there stars.


Yea lets not fight too much because you may lose.... Awsome. Great. Fantastic.


**** this nonsense, make fighters fight 4 times a year MINIMUM, or you're CUT! (Champs included). Promoting fights doesn't sell fights, FIGHTING sells fights.

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Is angry that fighters don't fight more.


..... > Likes Anderson Silva fan.


I was thinking the same thing. The champ that fights the least while he's healthy. But I do agree that champs should fight at least 3 times a year. But they also do need time off to spend with their family, and rest between training camps. I haven't even had my first amateur fight yet, and we train pretty ****ing hard. I can't even imagine how hard a UFC champ trains. If they did that year round, they would stay injured and never fight.

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There's definitely a kink in the system that needs to be addressed. I think we're still in the paleolithic age when it comes to knowledge of efficient combat training. There's a good chance that future generations are gonna look back and laugh at how much of this was unnecessary.

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