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Fights to save UFC 153!


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Silva Vs Weidman

Sonnen Vs Teixeira


Only then will I be excited for this event again! :cool:


Then for UFC 155 give Boetsch Shields and put Edgar on that card against someone.



What do you think will be the new main and co-main events ??


We still have a month before 153... who cares at this point, the replacements are bound to get injured and the whole card scrapped.

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Sonnen/Teixiera would be great!!


Not sure.. they want both of these fighters to win. Sonnen especially for the hype train that he is, and Tex for the future next big thing.. these two going at it would be lose lose for the UFC whereas a twilight fight for Rampage, either way Tex comes back around the same level, say he loses its Rampage 'going out with a bang' etc etc but wins well its expected.

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Korean Zombie is injured so he's not available, KZ had to have shoulder surgery in July that will keep him out until January or February.


Frankie Edgar could fight Chad Mendes, Mendes is probably the #2 FW right now so that fight makes some sense. I'm not interested in that fight but somebody might be.


If I was the UFC I would try to talk Shogun into fighting Glover again as they want and need a big name Brazilian fighter in the main event or co-main event. And Lyoto Machida could replace Shogun against Alexander Gustafsson in December on the Fox fight night (which is a more interesting fight to me than Shogun vs. A-Gus based on their fighting styles).

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Belfort vs Jones was never meant to be on 152 anyway, it can survive on Benadavidez/Johnson and Bisping/Stann.


153 is currently screwed, it needs a big fight.


Machida has complained for a while now that he wants to fight in Brazil, plus the Teixiera fight makes sense.


Im lost as to what will happen to Aldo/Edgar, but i suppose it can be pencilled in as a headliner for the first January PPV but also kept in reserve for another main event cancellation


Discuss. thanx

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