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Dana White is on Dr. Phil defending the UFC, and it's hilarious.


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i like the part where dana says "we don't hire people who fights on the streets"' date=' ummm did he not remember the biggest street fighter of them all, Kimbo Slice.[/quote']


as yesterday's hero said he fought in another orginization before the ufc even more than one fight.....why cant people do their research before they say dumb ****? and no im not a fan of kimbo. he proved that he can learn new techniques even though hes old as ****

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I don't know if this is old or not' date=' but I saw it on my sister's facebook wall so here ya' go:





I thought it was great the Dr Phil didn't bash it and that Dana was able to defend the UFC and tried to talk those morons out of slapping each other around. It showed the sport in a positive light.

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