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Jose Aldo injury NOT serious, says he wants UFC to postpone fight with Frankie Edgar


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Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Jose-Aldos-foot-injury-not-serious,-wants-to-postpone-fight-with-Frankie-Edgar.html


I have absolutely no idea what they would do for the Rio event, but I really hope they postpone this fight. If the foot isn't that serious, he can probably heal up in a few weeks and be ready to fight by the end of November.


I've been itching for this fight since it was announced. I hope they listen to Aldo on this one.

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So what happens to Koch now? I don't believe he deserved the shot in the first place' date=' but does he just sit on the shelf until Edgar and Aldo fight? Or does he fight Aldo now?[/quote']


I agree...he should have never got it in the first place...have him fight a top 5er be4 the shot...give him KZ first

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