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Glover v Wandy and Machida v Sonnen

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they need some big name Brazilians to fill the void. Aside from Shogun, Nog, Lyoto, Wandy, who else can they even get? Maybe Anderson... idk it looks like it is between these five to make a main and co-main event.


Glover won't fight Machida (unless he really had to), Shogun won't fight Glover, Nog is kind of out of the loop, Wandy will probably fight anyone at any time, and I'm not sure what Anderson would want to do...


Idk these match ups kind of made sense to me.

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They should put in Fabio Maldanado in against Glover for the LHW fight, because it will automatically be a good one to watch.


For the main event, even though they aren't brazilian, they should keep Frankie Edgar on the card and get Korean Zombie to step in and make it a No. 1 contender's bout. That would also almost surely be an awesome, awesome fight.

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I would like to see Wandy Sonnen and Glover Machida


I just don't know if i really want to see Chael pin down Wandy for however many min and score an easy decision win.


At least with Glover v Wandy we'd see a thrilling stand up slugfest. And Machida v Sonnen would be sick, I'd really be interested in that fight.


Glover said he didn't want to fight Machida anyways :(

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