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Video: UFC President Dana White in favor of broader use of instant replay in MMA


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Hmm, first let's be clear that any changes to regulations come from athletic commissions and not from Dana. But in all fairness, Dana and other heads of promotions like Rick Blume and John Perretti worked very closely with Nevada and New Jersey athletic commissions to establish the United Rules of MMA. Actually, interesting side note here, it was John Perretti who is considered the man who coined the term "Mixed Martial Arts" as opposed to shoot fighting or ultimate fighting. But I digress...regardless of how much MMA promotions may have been involved with the establishment of the United Rules, I feel like the various athletic commissions are now at a point where they would take the words of heads of companies (even one as near monopolistic as Dana and the UFC) into consideration, but ultimately it's going to come down to them.


I for one would not be entirely opposed to the idea - the only caveat I see is exactly how would one begin a bout again if a tape replay showed it was called prematurely. Undoubtably one fighter would be enjoying a clear advantage, and ideally would be moments away from a legitimate KO anyway. Even if they are in the same position, the fighter who was on the receiving end would have had time to clear the cobwebs and compose him or herself, even if the fight was restarted from the same position. I would say to leave the official calling of a bout off the table. If the ref steps in, that's the final word on the situation. However, I would be very interested in seeing some kind of replay system set up for judges to look at in between rounds or at the conclusion of a fight, and they may decide to deduct points accordingly.


However before we begin with instant replay scenarios, I would like to see my biggest frustration in combat sports be addressed first; and that's forcing the judges to reveal how they scored a round as soon as the round is over and not just when it's time to announce. I realize this can kill the anticipation of waiting for the announcer to reveal to winner, but honestly, the only reason boxing adopted that standard (of which MMA followed suit) all those years ago was because of illegal fixing. It's sad but true. In no other sport that I can think of, is the scorecard kept secret until the very end. Wrestlers know exactly what the points are at every second of the match. It would drastically change the strategy, and it would present a much more transparent experience for the fans. There is in my eyes absolutely no downside abolishing the moronic standard of only revealing judges scorecards at the end.

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