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Machida: "We(Shogun, Wanderlei, Big Nog) are preparing a big surprise for you guys!"


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Maybe Brady was right in his other thread....lol....


.[What if]..The old schools fighters walked Vitor out to the fight. Imagine that! Dan Serven' date=' Ken Shameock, Tank Abbott, Mark Coleman, Don Frye, Royce Gracie all walked out with Vitor just to make a statement. Does anyone here think any of those guys would ever turn a fight down?


Yeah, I know I sound like a tool. But I was watching Vitor on UFC Tonight and when he was talking about the old school fighters not turning down fights I started thinking it would be cool if they threw their support behind him that way.


I'm a sucker for underdogs and I think it would be the most amazing underdog wins of all time. I'm getting excited for this fight.[/quote']


Except it's Wandy, Shogun, Machida, etc...

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Surprised no one is talking about this. I'm hoping it's Machida vs. Sonnen. Everyone is talking about Sonnen vs. Wand' date=' but I'd rather see him fight Shogun or Machida.


Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Brazils-best-planning-to-save-UFC-153.html[/quote']


Maybe they're all joining forces and will be known as the BlackHouseAxezillions :P

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