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Frankie Edgar will stay at featherweight, open to fighting anyone at UFC 153


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Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Edgar-to-stay-at-featherweight,-open-to-fighting-anyone-at-UFC-153.html


Glad to hear Frankie has his mind set on staying at featherweight where he belongs.


I'm thinking he's got to fight a Brazilian if he stays on the card. I know it's a weight class down but how about Renan Barao. He's another Brazilian, the fans there would love it and they are around the same size.


Other than that, I could see either Mendes or Faber being good fights.

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Faber won't move back up to 145' date=' because he knows he can't beat Aldo. Coming from a fan of both guys. Barao is the interim BW champ, he won't move up anytime soon either. Mendes sounds good, but he's got that whole battery thing going on. I say put KZ against Edgar. Makes the most sense, imo.[/quote']


Faber already said he'd move up to fight Frankie. KZ is hurt. Mendes said he'd fight Frankie too.

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