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Big Nog Vs Herman set for UFC 153


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Rumours are though it won't be the main event or the co-main event.. according to the brazilian reporter who originally reported it





Oh and the Chael/Wanderlei fight isn't happening according to some sources


As long as the nog fight isn't main/co-main I'm happy! And thank gooooddddd they aren't doing Wandy vs Chael!!!!!! That has boring decision win written all over it!

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I can see Chael/Machida headlining' date=' no idea what the co-main will be though..


Glover/Bonnar anyone?? :cool:[/quote']


that would be a sick fight both are brawlers. but bonnar is a more technical striker and has been doing good. bonnar by late submission or decision.

machida vs sonnen, if sonnen can get a hold of machida he can do good but machida is a bjj blackbelt so going to the ground maynot go well for chael

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