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Ask Ravishing Rick Rude


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I'll get the ball rolling' date=' what does Rick Rude think of Silva vs Bonnar?[/quote']


Rick Rude feels that Bonnar will do better than Griffin but the result will be the same. Bonnar goes down in two.


On a side note Rick Rude is the only other man that would have fought Silva on one months notice so props to Bonnar

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does rick rude like the fact that he lived his career as a midcarder?

Rick Rude was never a midcarder.....What Rick Rude did was give the little guys like Hogan and Flait a chance at the spotlight because Rick Rude knew that people bought tickets to see him.......Regardless of where he was at on the card.

Were you born with the best mustache ever?


Rick Rude looked in a mirror for the first time at five years old and it just appeared in all it's glory.

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By handling your business like Rick Rude.


Be a good husband and a good father' date=' work hard for everything you earn, never back down from something because it seems difficult.


That's how Rick Rude lives life[/quote']


Rick Rude you should leave on that note


Leave a little mystique

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