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Australia is lagging behind with TUF 16...


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I checked the listings, and the first show I can see is on FUEL TV (or FX, can't remember) on the 23rd of August, now the first episode airs in America on the 14th (tomorrow) and we have to wait for over a week?!?!?!


Please someone tell me that I'm wrong and missed something, I want to enjoy the season and not know who wins and whatnot, if this is the schedule, then I'll doubt that it'll happen :mad:


I guess the only good thing about TUF Live was that we were kept up to date


And I know we'll have TUF: Smashes anyway, but I think this one will be more based on drama in the house and have more trashy television and coaching rivalry etc. Pearson and G-Sot are just too respectable :D

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