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Best 'Signature' Entrance in MMA?


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Let's take a break from complaining.


Question is simple: who has the best 'signature' entrance in MMA?


For nostalgic purposes, I'd say Wanderlei's Sandstorm entrance, but in terms of pure horror, I've always felt bad for Anderson's opponents having to wait for him to enter the ring to 'Ain't No Sunshine'. That song haunts his victims. Chilling.


Another favorite






(its not fight footage,but if its needs to be removed just remove it MODS)

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Silva coming out to Ain't no Sunshine by DMX is my favorite but Silva needs to bring back this one from pride. .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tyc3Zjp25g


Can't view it but i suspect thats the one where he comes out to Michael Jackson and does the moonwalk and all the other MJ moves

Wand is laughing so hard in that one


I wish he came out to that when at UFC 148

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