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the "mma community"


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you hear this word a lot, but i am starting to think this (us forum users) hold more weight than I once thought


for example, i once made a funny post about phil baroni, and the next time i check it out, phil baroni actually responded to that post!


basically, mma is a relatively small sport, and the fighters do see what is going on in the forums. i know if i was a fighter, i would be curious what the fans are saying


seems like there's a new story every week and it is somewhat determined by mma forums...here's how i see it from the most recent on


silva vs. bonnar...wtf? or fun match

jones...good guy or bad guy

jones, machida, dana and the cancellation of 151...jones fault or not

hendo/edgar decision...good or bad decision

vera/shogun...why did they make this match!?

chris weidman smashes munoz...does he deserve a title shot?

chael/silva 2...who wins?

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I remember there was a thread about what fighter entrances should be or something' date=' I mentioned mc hammer's too legit to quit, next event Patrick Cote comes out to it o.0


Obviously I am Patrick Cote.[/quote']


Frank Mir and his wife tweeted that he was coming out to different music at UFC 146 and magically he came out to "it's amazin" even after saying he wouldn't


^so amazin'

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