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Anyone else think Roy Nelson will make a horrible coach?


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I remember how he isolated himself from the other fighters on TUF, and refused to train with them, stating that he was too good for them / had already proven himself in the IFC etc. With someone this arrogant, and selfish, do you really think he can turn around and take other fighters under his wing?


Also, isn't Physical Conditioning a big part of UFC? I remember Koscheck and Tito doing some pretty intense PT drills with their dudes.


Roy Nelson seems like he would be a bad influence for fighters, because most people can't be that fat and fight well. Anyone else remember Rampage having to get onto fighters for constantly drinking, and eating junk? I could see Roy Nelson condoning it.

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I don't know if he will be bad...its hard to tell if someone will he a good coach or not...amazing players in sports suck at being coaches most of the time..but less talented player end up being good coaches so u never know


But I see why you would think this...he would be a coach who is like" do as i say, not as I do" kinda person and that normally does not translate well

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