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do you think all these injuries will hurt the sport?


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Now we the fans know that these injuries are not from the fighting but from the training


But i think this could be a chance for the mma haters to make a case against it...some fools think this is human **** fighting and would see the fact our fighters...even our stars starting to get injuries and use that to say "hey hey look this sport is killing thier bodies...boxing does not have all these injuries"


I remember when D.Cruz tore he knee Joe rogan said it happened in the gym...some fools were working TD and TDD and they ran into Cruz who was not in the drill and tore his knee....if this is true this **** needs to stop


At my gym we do not have the crazy room that these mega gyms have but we get the job done...**** like this is inexcusable and gives the nay-sayers ammo for thier arguments...I mean how hard is it to just look around you and not let stupid **** like this happen...same ****ing thing happened to Nate Quarry on TUF


As our sport grows so needs our training...



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Doesn't really hurt the sport, I think that would be a little exaggerating, but it does hurt the fight card they're on and it depends on the fighter too.


If it's a main or co-main fighter that gets injured, then his injury will weaken the fight card. If it's some prelim fighter that gets injured, someone nobody really knows about, no one will really care.


Good thing is there is an abundance of fighters in each division so it is not too hard finding good replacements. Except in the situation when all the top fighters are scheduled to fight or injured and cannot step up. Kinda like 153 situation. All the top LHW's, except Evans, were booked so Bonnar stepped up and he's not exactly creme of the crop in that division, but it will suffice.

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Yes all these injuries hurt the sport! As a fan I am getting sick of getting excited for a fight and then it goes to hell. Makes me a lot more hesitant to go to any future events either!!! I mean I don't wanna buy tickets, book a flight and hotel to see a fight like Aldo/Edgar and then end up with some bull **** like Silva/Bonner! If this keeps up were gonna have to change the name to Ultimate Fighting Cripples...

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