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Who should Overeem face to earn his title shot against Junior vs Cain winner?


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That's right, as we all know Brock Lesnar is pretty much not all he was cracked up to be :rolleyes: and Overeem hasn't really beat a Heavyweight worth mentioning besides a controversial decision over Werdum and yeah beating up Brock something I can do. Also the whole K-1 Thing means little to me, as a Kickboxer it means a lot but I can see Overeem getting knocked out in MMA by quite a few guys so if you want to bring that up remember it's a different sport kiddies.


So here's my opinion on who Reem should face.


Shane Carwin if he knocks Roy Nelson out.


Travis Browne if he knocks Bigfoot out.


Fabricio Werdum if timing works out right.


Stipe Miocic if he knocks out Struve, and nobody else lines up well enough.


Cheik Kongo or Mark Hunt if they want to feed him a somewhat easier fight but a name, so Dana wont have to stay up at night worrying his ReemMoneyMachine might lose.


What do you guys think, Reem thinks he'll have a " warm up fight " do you think he should? Who do you think it should be again?

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