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Top 3 Best/Worst TUF Coaches?


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1. Mayhem I honestly thought he was the best he was good had fun with his guys and gave excellent corner advice

2. Rashad

3. Tito/GSP


1.bisping, didn't show up to some of his fighters fights because he slept in and blamed jet lag... Your entire team came from the uk... No excuses, that and he just whined when it didn't go his way

2. Rampage... No need for further explanation

3. Shamrock because he is slow in the head

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as a shameless Lesnar hater that really wanted to see him fail, I'm surprised by how many people are putting him as a worst coach... he did surprisingly well, especially considering he's almost as green as the guys he was coaching... yeah he had a few dumb moments (chicken salad anyone) but all in all had a very good coaching staff, went even with JDS for number of fighters moving on (I think, can't remember off my head right now) and his guy (Tony Ferguson) ending up winning the show...


my 3 best:


1) GSP

2) Nogueria

3) Evans


my 3 worst:


1) Rampage

2) Shamrock

3) Koscheck


also want to note that I like that Nelson is actually coaching his team this season, whereas Carwin is really sitting on the sidelines not really looking like he's doing much of anything... Whittman vs Nelson will probably go the way of Whittman, but at least Nelson is putting an effort into it and seems like he actually gives a damn...

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Roy Nelson is up there.


I find him entertaining to watch in a comedic way. Like when he only wants to train for like an hour a day -- maybe heavy weights can get by with this, but his lightweight/welterweight guys? **** no. Then when he waits until after his guy loses to bring up the possible weight issues with the other team's fighter. That had me laughing so hard because he was basically trying to say he wanted the fight disqualified without actually saying it.

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The best?


Tito and GSP are the only ones that really stood out as great coaches. They'd push guys with training and actually cared about their fighters.



Shamrock is obviously the worst of all.

Koscheck literally did not care toward the end.

Liddell. Let's be honest, in his stint opposite Ortiz, the real coach was Hackelman. Chuck was also acting like a classless caveman a fair bit.


I'm also going to have to defend Lesnar a bit. While he may not have a lot of rounded experience and didn't involve himself too much early on, his team was getting some great conditioning training and later on he started to get more involved, a lot more than Shamrock or Kos.

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From what i saw and can remember i would say:



1. GSP

2. Bisping

3. Ortiz

4. Evans



1. Shamrock

2. Rampage


4. Hughes


All i remember about the Lesnar season was







every ****ing fight lol

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There is no way that you can tell if someone is a good coach by what you see on tv.


Agreed. Also, the "coach" is just the figurehead for the most part. He might have final say in the match-ups and decisions, but his assistants (i.e. the real coaches on the show) do the actual training. Lesnar wasn't that bad of a coach, despite the fact that you heard wizzer and "chicken salad..." every single episode. The guy was a bit of a doofus on the show (and I'm a huge Lesnar fan), but his coaching staff & team did a great job from what I could see. His team ended up winning the show.


If fighter X is one of the coaches on a season of TUF, it's typically his own coaches and training partners that are his "assistants" and do the majority of the actual training of contestants on his team. Fighter X is just the one that gets the TV time and makes the speeches and fight announcements.


I think Frank Mir was a good head coach, as was Big Nog. I'm going to echo everyone else and say Matt Hughes and Frank Shamrock were terrible coaches. Tito, despite being a tool, was a great coach and seemed to genuinely care about his fighters.

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