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Chael Sonnen vs Ryan Bader


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Jones has taken all of his UFC opponents down


The only guy him he took down that I didn't expect was Machida and Rashad, the rest don't have high take down defense.

You can say well Rampage has high take down defense, well Rampage fought one wrestler in the UFC who didn't take him down and that was Hamill, I didn't count Hendo because Hendo rarely shoots in low.


But Chael shoots low and Bader got taken down easily by Jones who imo doesn't have the same power shot and drive that Chael does.

Just my opinion.

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both win by double KO?


im just not sure i consider Bader a top 8 guy anymore.


thats about as interested i am in seeing Sonnen fight at 205.


how bout make it interesting and have Sonnen vs Bonnar? becuase the smack talking would just be funny. If there is any. Bonnar doesnt take sht.


Or Sonnen vs rampage? That would be fun with them standing in the middle of the octagon talking to each other for 30 minutes and not even throwing a punch.

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