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so im not a conspiracy theorists or anything but


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whats with the federal agencies buying all these Hollow Point Bullets and other things as well


One Billion + Hollow Point Bullets


Digging deeper into the government's recent procurements for ammo, you learn just how aggressively they are buying up ridiculous amounts of ammo and riot related equipment. The feds have actually ordered over 1 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 alone. They received 750,000,000 in March and are awaiting another 450,000,000 arriving soon. All in conjunction with large-scale orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint outposts with red and green stoplights, human shaped paper practice targets, and other crowd control and containment equipment.







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Yeah' date=' basically they are preparing for potential riots for when the world supposedly ends which is in a few months. Maybe I should buy a gun just to be on the safe side.[/quote']


i was thinking about getting one as well kind of missed having them, always feel a little safer with one in the house :D

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