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Battle of the jesus freaks


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So noone has mentioned this but I wonder...


What would Jesus do?....no I mean really?


On fight night.. which one of his loyal disciples is Jesus. H. Christ going to go with on Saturday?


On one side he has a guy who has had a massive crush on him for nearly 10 yrs in Vitor Belfort but on the other side he has a guy that literally has a verse tattooed on his chest from his "book" in Jon Jones.... so let me ask you again...




and more importantly.....what does it mean for the looser??..does Jesus not like him enough? or the classic "Jesus has other plans for him"


btw I am not mocking anyone's faith here...just asking a very honestly but naive question.....



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Jesus will obviously grant Jon Jones the victory. Why? Because Vitor Belfort is blessed beyond belief.


Banging wife' date=' good looks, strong family, and a celebrity in Brazil. Jon Jones? Well.. We've all seen the luck he has been having lately.[/quote']


true.....but......i think vitor shud get the win.......not only cuz he is a bigger jesus freak...but.........jones is a ******

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